FV350/50 Automatic Inline Orbital Stretch Wrapper
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FV350/50 Automatic Inline Orbital Stretch Wrapper

The FROMM FV350/50 Automatic Inline Orbital Stretch Wrapper is an automated system to stretch wrap long products such as pipes, tubes and rods. This fully automatic programmable machine with a 500mm diameter ring, when combined with conveyors, and safety systems is the ideal solution for small process lines.

Extremely low maintenance, the FROMM FV range is exceptionally easy to install & operate – Plug and play, no fuss.

Optional extras include: top presser, side rollers, driven conveyors, automatic driven rollers, and a short products bridge.


star-icon.gif Features
  • Double reel film dispensers
  • 500mm wrapping ring
  • Adjustable speed (RPM)
  • Mechanical film break
  • Automatic film cutting at end of wrap cycle
  • Six sided wrapping programs available
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • Twin wrapping heads for optimal function
  • High production throughput
  • Easily accommodate different products
  • Programmable wrapping functions

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Ring Diamter 500mm
  • Max Product Size H: 250 mm, W: 490 mm
  • Min Product Size H: 50 mm, W: 50 mm
  • Max Rotating Speed 180 RPM
  • Max Product Weight Dependent on conveyors
  • Film Width 100mm
  • Power 240 Volts
  • Air Supply Needed 6 Bars

Machine Options

  • Conveyors Infeed and Outfeed
  • Automatic Film Cut and Clamp Available
  • Top Pressers Available
  • Bridge for Short Products Available
  • Safety System Available