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Automated Solutions

Along with our range of packaging solutions, FROMM is also a market leader in providing integrated systems for users who have a large scale packaging operation. Our engineers are fully trained to design and build custom solutions to suit your packaging requirements.

View a selection of our systems below, and contact us to find out more about how we can design and build the perfect solution for your business.

PM Machines & FS500 Rotating Arm Machine

Ensure your flow of goods and your internal transport are perfectly coordinated. FROMM's packaging solutions offer increased throughput, cheaper running costs, and greater protection for your goods. From strapping tools and machinery to automated wrapping systems, we offer a variety of solutions to help you to handle large load volumes that will later be distributed over your sales territory. This video features our PM Machines for automatic strapping and an FS500 Rotary Arm for fast plastic wrapping.

FA380 Automatic Wrapping System with AMR

FROMM engineered an FA380 Automated Wrapping System that allows pallets to be loaded by Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). The loaded pallet is picked up from the palletizing robot by an AMR before being transported to the FA380 where it enters one side to the wrapping point and finally exits at the other side.

Custom Automatic Strapping System

Our customer had a number of specific requirements for their packaging line, such as early morning and late afternoon peaks in activity. They needed a solution that could handle intense peaks by maintaining workload efficiently and packaging consistency.

We engineered a system which utilizes automatic sensors to detect when mixed packs have been loaded, eliminating the need to manually change settings during peak hours. To maximize efficiency, the system allows three packs to be on the line at any given time, with one forklift driver at each end of the line loading and unloading each pack. With a reliable, automatic system such as this, forklift operators are free to focus on other tasks, saving time & increasing efficiency dramatically.

Automatic Inline Wrapping Solution

FROMM engineered a turntable style wrapping machine with two carriages. This gave the customer height clearance and met the production throughput requirements. A photo eye to accommodate “black ” crates was needed and the film wipe cut off ensured the wrapped product couldn’t come undone. In this instance Fromm provided all the process conveyors and working closely with the customer we were able to achieve the customer goals of 80% automation, resulting in a much higher product throughput and decreased the amount of human errors and H&S claims.

Automatic Wrapping System for Beverage Industry

FROMM engineered an automated wrapping system allowing two pallets to be loaded side by side, separated through the conveyor and be processed using preset wrapping system recipes agreed by the customer.

As the pallets are processed, on the exit side the forklift driver can remove two pallets simultaneously, or a single pallet should it be needed.

To meet the customer throughput needs, two wrapping heads were placed on the same rotating arm. This allowed for effectively double the production speed.

By having two carriages on the same arm, film roll changes were also easy to achieve as the operator changes both at the same time and they are on the same side of the conveyor, eliminating any need to walk over or across the conveyors.

Inline Stretch Wrapping System for Paint Manufacturer

Our customer had two process lines feeding out onto a single pick up point where the tins or drums of paint were removed by forklift and taken to a wrapping area prior to transport. Due to its location pallets of paint had already shifted prior to being wrapped and the customer was experiencing claims and excess returns.

FROMM designed a conveyor system exiting from the two process lines taking pallets to an automated stretch wrapping machine. The wrapping machine featured a top platen to ensure stability of the loads and make sure each pallet was wrapped and secured properly.

The project featured conveyors, safety system, an integrated wrapping machine with top platen and a film weld system so the stretch wrap could not come undone during transport.

PM Machines for High-Speed Plastic Strapping

PM Machines are an effective way of increasing throughput with fast PP strapping for boxes, packages and bundles. The semi-automatic PM206 is probably your best choice for low to medium volume strapping, while our automatic PM313 offers not only high-speed and excellent tension control, but the best price/performance ratio for general purpose application.

Airpad SmartFill Scanner & Shooter

Introducing the FROMM Airpad SmartFill Scanner & Shooter. The SmartFill Airpad Scanner automatically measures the remaining void in a carton. The 'Shooter' then dispenses the right amount of cushions to precisely fill the box. FROMM offers superior ergonomics and productivity with accessories that allow for quick integration and easy operation. Browse our range of Airpad and Paper Systems for on-demand cushioning, void fill, block & brace and wrapping. Increase throughput with fewer breakages/returns, reduce packaging costs and pack sustainably. FROMM Airpad Systems cater for a variety of applications, for anyone from small eBay sellers to international distribution centres. Our machines produce air pillows of various widths and lengths, on-demand, using a range of films to suit the application. Airpads consist of 99% air and 1% material, amounting to lighter packages, minimal waste, and huge savings over competitive systems. Our protective films and paper are made from recycled materials. They’re 100% recyclable and, in some instances reusable.

Timber Pack Strapping Automation | FROMM MH550​

Automatic inline strapping for timber packs using an MH550 with bunk feed and jumbo coil dispenser. The MH550 Polyester Strapping Head can be installed into all our automated designs using 9-19mm PET strap. Modular, strap friendly and easy to maintain, the MH550 boasts well-proven separate feeding, tensioning and friction weld sealing systems

Automated Solutions by FROMM

We are market leaders in providing integrated systems for users with large scale packaging operations. Our automated systems are smart, strong, and safe, for any level of throughput and greater efficiency. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the development of some of our world-renowned solutions, in Italy.

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