Wrapping Solutions
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Wrapping Solutions

FROMM manufacture and supply our own range of Stretch Wrap Machines, along with a varied stock of machine grade and hand stretch film

Our pallet wrapping machines can be customized for any size business and every level of throughput. We stock Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines and Orbital Wrapping Machines, and can also provide bespoke solutions for high volume users and unique wrapping applications.

Plug & Play Design

The simplicity of our FS series pallet wrappers allows you to start wrapping with minimal installation times. Operator training is quick and the control panel has been made straight forward for the end user.

Built Up To A Standard, Not Down To A Price

We stock three models of pallet wrappers, each built for a different level of throughput and usage. We’ll always recommend the machine that best suits your business’ needs.

Coloured Films

Our warehouse keeps a full stock of clear, opaque, and black stretch film, with coloured stretch film available to order on request. Clear film is generally used for applications where barcodes or tags still need to be visible through the protective wrapping.

Whereas our black and coloured films are used by business’ wrapping high value equipment such as electrical equipment to provide an extra level of security.