Compact Mobile Bins
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Compact Mobile Bins

Simplify your packing process with a Compact Mobile Bin, available with an AP100 or AP150. A simple and compact solution for decentralized/remote packing stations, users benefit from easy installation, reliable operation and automatic replenishment of the bin. With an easily adjustable pad holder, the Compact Bin allows for optimum comfort and maximum productivity. For even greater space saving requirements see Compact Bin Mini (with an AP100). Our Compact Bins are also associated with wall mount support frames and Compact Stands.


Economic solution:  

  • Simple and compact
  • Basic design, very cost effective
  • Fast assembly with only one tool and easy installation

Universal solution:

  • Ideal for decentralised or remote packing stations
  • 4 wheels (2 with brackets) for mobile use
  • Useable for all Airpad formats, 200mm and 400mm wide films

Ergonomic solution:

  • Easily adjustable location of the pad holder (no tools needed) for optimum comfort and productivity
  • Articulated arm and pad holder useable on the two sides
  • Optional second articulated arm and pad holder to serve second packing station
  • Automatic replenishment of the bin
  • Sensor embedded in the machine for easy installation and reliable operation

AP100 Easy Integration

Technical specifications

  • Bin dimensions Height: 865 mm
  • Width 592 mm
  • Depth 792 mm
  • Pad holder height 1.324 – 2.141 mm (adjustable with no tools)