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Jumbo Coil Dispensers

Jumbo Coil Dispensers are the perfect addition to any industrial PET strapping installation. They can be retrofitted to an existing system for increased throughput, as well as for ergonomic and environmental benefits.

Compared to a standard coil of 2000 meters, one pallet of Super Jumbo Coils provides approximately 75,000 meters of strap, which must be loaded by forklift onto a FROMM dispenser. This equates to:

  • Fewer roll changes / huge time savings.
  • No manual lifting / less risk of injury.
  • Fewer cardboard cores / reduced waste.

Ideal for flexible single or multiple configurations with steel or plastic strap. A sophisticated industrial design and high quality standards make FROMM strap dispensers indispensable.

FROMM offers a family of 4 different dispenser types. They can handle standard coils (SC), Jumbo Coils (JC), Super Jumbo Coils (SJC) or Ultra Jumbo Coils (UJC), with left or right hand loading.

star-icon.gif Features
  • Built in sensor technology with intelligent brake system
  • Electronically controlled, by PLC
  • Can be loaded from right or left side. If desired, can be easily converted to the other side
  • Accumulator ensures a constant tension of the strap for a smooth trouble free operation
  • If needed, capacity can be increased by additional wheels
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • High cost savings
  • No Manual lifting – reduces risk of employee injury
  • Fewer roll changes - significant time savings
  • Less waste (fewer cardboard cores)
  • Controlled strap feed
  • Durable and robust build

Automatic Strapping with Super Jumbo Coil

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