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CE300 Strap Chopper

The Model CE300 strap chopper processes scrap steel or plastic banding. It's the economical answer to keeping your warehouse clean and free of scrap; eliminating employee injuries and reducing disposal costs.

How It Works

Just introduce the material (banding) into the infeed funnel. The feedworks (pinchrolls) will then grab the material and pull it into the rotating knife path. The feedworks will continue to pull at a rate of 37 meters per minute until the material  is consumed or the operator releases the feedworks via release leaver.


plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • Fast scrap chopping of 37 m/min
  • Compact
  • Keeps workplace free of scrap
  • Robust and reliable
  • Knives can be rotated (4 times) for extended life

  • Infeed Opening 25.4 x 41 mm
  • Overall Dimensions 482 x 762 x 482 mm
  • Weight 61 kgs
  • Electric Motor Power 0.372 kW

  • No. of Stationary Knives 1
  • No. of Rotating Knives 1
  • Infeed Speed 37 meters per minute

Strap Chopper Model 300 Brochure