FS335 & FS380 Stretch Wrapper
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FS335 & FS380, The Stainless Steel Option

The FS335 and FS380 series offer the option of a stainless steel version for special applications. They are ideally suited for use in humid and wet environments, e.g. fish & meat processing, as well as beverage and other food industries.

Some specific technical details of this option

  • IP level 65
  • Stainless Steel elements include:
    * Frame and body parts, including mast and carriages - INOX AISI304
    * Chains, bolts and nuts - Class A2
    * Motor INOX casting, covered by recycled plastic motor cover
  • Choice of two control panels, located at the rear of the mast. Extra protection against moisture and dust.
  • Low temperature (-10°C / 14°F) option

FS335 & FS380 machine composition and options

For the different versions and compositions of both models, please refer to the brochures and data sheets of the standard machines.
Your FROMM representative will be happy to provide you with further information.


plus-icon.gif Some interesting benefits
  • All rounders for productive and energy efficient working in harsh environments
  • Easy installation - plug and play - no special installation required
  • Required virtually no maintenance
  • Excellent human interface and easy to operate for multiple operators
  • Wide choice of options and modular design making these machines easily adaptable to your needs.

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FS335 FS380 The Stainless Steel Option