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Stretch Wrap Machines

  • FS360 Stretch Wrapper

    The FS360 is our entry level Stretch Wrapper, ideal for users who simply need to wrap pallets quickly and consistently at an affordable price. The simplicity of the FS360’s “plug-and-play” design eliminates hefty installation costs and allows you to start wrapping pallets with minimal training required.

  • FS390 Stretch Wrapper

    The FS390 is ideal for users wrapping 20+ pallets per day. Equipped with a 2 motor Power Pre-Stretch system, the FS390 features an intuitive control panel and a photo-electric cell for automatic height detection.

  • FS500 Stretch Wrapper

    With the FS500 Series, you can use the rotating arm wrapper either standalone or integrated in an automatic line. It's ideal for any company that wants to optimise the film wrapping process as much as possible, whilst being economical with time, floor space, and film consumption.

  • FR390 Robot Stretch Wrapper

    The FROMM robot wrapper is a mobile, semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. It is particularly suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large pallets or for situations where stretch wrapping takes place in various locations. With the battery fully charged, it can wrap up to 180 Euro pallets.

  • FM50 EasyWrap

    Hand wrapping with machine rolls. Up to 6x more film on a roll

  • FS380L Stretch Wrapper

    The FS380L Series is an ultra low turntable option that allows you to wrap your pallets with the greatest ease, using only a simple pallet truck. No forklift trucks or other heavy lifting equipment needed.