Overhead Hopper Systems
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Overhead Hopper Systems

Simplify your packing process with an Overhead Hopper System (manual or electric) - compatible with an AP100 Airpad Machine. Offering superior ergonomics and productivity, this accessory allows for quick integration and easy operation. It’s an ideal choice for busy warehouses: the integrated overhead hopper can easily be wheeled around your dispatch area, and the Airpads inflated on-demand or left in the hopper ready for use.


Economic solution: 

  • Basic design, very cost effective  
  • Easy to assemble

 Universal solution:  

  • Used for decentralised applications  
  • Space-saving solution for easy integration  
  • Useable in stand-alone configuration 

 Ergonomic solution:  

  • Ergonomic design for convenient Airpad dispensing  
  • Easy roll change (conveniently and effortlessly lower machine by electric actuator)
  • Adjustable opening height for optimum operator comfort
  • Three openings for single or multiple operators
  • Automatic replenishment of the bin
  • Start-Stop-button fixed on the mast. Can also be placed close to the operator with an optional box. 
  • No noisy air ducting for a very silent operation

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