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Integrated Solutions


Our range of Octomeca systems provide an industrial level solution for automated pallet wrapping, available in both horizontal and vertical wrapping variations. Ideal for users wrapping pallets on a large scale basis, our Octomeca systems are designed and built to specification, and can include a number of features, such as:

  • Power pre-stretching; 1 metre of raw film becomes 2 metres when applied to the pallet

  • Automatic roll changing

  • Corner post applicator

  • Integrated splash/dust proof top sheet applicator

  • Integrated load stabilizer to prevent pallets tipping over

  • 750mm film carriage


Designed for heavy duty industrial PET strapping installations, our Automatic Plastic Strapping Heads ensure increased throughput and efficiency. With a Jumbo Coil Dispenser you benefit additionally from fewer roll changes (huge time savings), no manual lifting (less risk of injury) and fewer cardboard cores (reduced waste).


Our Hopper Systems, Compact Bins, Stands and Top Bins are ideal for busy dispatch warehouses. Systems can be designed and built to specification, and provide a number of benefits, including: superior ergonomics, increased throughput and sustainability.