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Strapping Solutions

FROMM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Strapping Machines, Hand Held Tools and Strapping Consumables

FROMM Packaging Ltd stocks an extensive range of strapping tools and consumables, including; fully automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines, Plastic and Steel Strapping, and our world renowned line of Hand Held Strapping Tools.

Plastic Strapping

With manufacturing plants spread across Europe, South America and South East Asia, we have developed our own lines of PET (Polyester) Strapping, available in widths of 9mm to 32mm. Compatible with our range of Manual and Battery Operated Strapping Tools, all of our manufacturing plants use modern extrusion methods and conform to a high level of quality.

To complete the Plastic Strapping range, we also supply Polypropylene (PP) Strapping, which is ideal for users strapping lighter packs and pallets.

Steel Strapping

Steel Strapping is rapidly being replaced by PET in many industries, however FROMM still recommends the use of Steel for many applications such as high temperature environments and bundling heavy duty loads.

Strapping Tools

FROMM’s Battery Operated Plastic Strapping Tools are world-renowned; featuring reinforced motors, shock-resistant housing, and the latest Lithium Ion Battery technology, they have proven indispensable across multiple UK industries.

A wide range of steel strapping tools are also available reflecting the common use of steel strap in traditional heavy industry. These include manual combination tools which will tension, seal and cut in a simple process, and pneumatic tools, which are used in heavy duty strapping applications.

FROMM Packaging Ltd offers both purchase and rental options for many of our strapping tools, and service contracts are available to regularly maintain and calibrate your strapping equipment to ensure a reliable service.