Compact Stands
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Compact Stands

Simplify your packing process with a Compact Stand for your AP100 / AP150. Perfect for filling compact bins, for the easy production of Airpad rolls (with optional electrical winder), and for serving multiple packing stations. Compact stands for the AP150 Pro include support for an air-pump and extension tubes for winder.


Simple and compact solution to support machine:

  • without winder for floor bin feeding
  • with optional winder for the production of rolls
  • easy transportation and assembly

Universal solution:

  • associated with the AP100 (V1 & V2) and  AP150 (STD & PRO)
  • 110V and 220V
  • Useable for all Airpad formats, 400mm/16” wide films and above

AP100 Easy Integration Video

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions Height 1260mm - 49.6”
  • Width 760mm - 30.0”
  • Depth 750mm - 29.5”