Plastic Steel Strapping Dispensers
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Plastic & Steel Strapping Dispensers

  • Oscillated Steel & PET Mobile Dispenser

    Equipped with a tool and seal storage tray and waterproof cover to protect your strapping against the elements, the Oscillated Steel & PET Mobile Dispenser can be used in all weather conditions, and is an excellent way to transport your strapping and tools between multiple stations.

  • Tool Balancer Dispenser

    Perfect for oscillated steel and PET plastic strap dispensing, the Tool Balancer Dispenser can also be equipped with balancers for Strapping Tools.

  • Polypropylene Plastic Reel Mobile Dispenser

    The FROMM Plastic Reel Strapping Dispenser is designed to withstand the tough conditions of any strapping station. The ideal solution to keeping your work environment safe and your strap tidy, the Plastic Reel Dispenser comes equipped with a large tray for tool and seal storage.

  • Ribbon Wound Steel Mobile Dispenser

    This dispenser is compatible with our range of ribbon wound steel strapping. It can be easily transported between strapping stations and features a large storage tray for tool and seals.

  • Jumbo Coil Dispensers

    Jumbo Coil Dispensers are the perfect addition to any industrial PET strapping installation. They can be retrofitted to an existing system for increased throughput, as well as for ergonomic and environmental benefits.