FS380 Stretch Wrapper
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FS380L Stretch Wrapper

The FS380L is an ultra low turntable option. It allows you to wrap pallets with the greatest ease, using only a simple pallet truck. No forklift trucks or other heavy lifting equipment needed. With a turntable height of not more than 25mm and a diameter of 1,650mm, pallets of up to 1,200mm x 1,000mm can be wrapped. This low-maintenance turntable is equipped with an HD electric motor with belt drive and can make up to 12 revolutions per minute. It also features a roping mechanism for increased load holding power.

3-way approach - The Ramps

Each machine in this Low Turntable series comes standard with 1 ramp. Depending on the work situation, it can be attached to the floor frame in one of 3 positions; front, left or right. It is easy to expand with 1 or 2 additional ramps, to load the turntable from two or three sides. Turntable and ramps are provided with a non-slip coating.


star-icon.gif Features
  • Extremely Low (25 mm) Ø 1650 mm turntable
  • 1 – 3 short ramps for a 3 way approach
  • Standard mast heights from 2500 – 3700 mm
  • Options including Film cutting, Roping, Top-presses
  • Selection of 3 different Film stretch units
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • Requires minimal training to operate
  • 3-way approach
  • Increased throughput
  • Compatible with FROMM Machine Stretch Film
  • Turntable is low to the ground- can use a simple pallet truck to load

FS380L Stretch Wrapper

  • Mast height Standard: 2500 mm / Optional: up to 3700 mm
  • Turntable 1650 mm
  • Max. pallet weight 1200 kg
  • Control panel Standard: OP1 / OP2 with 99 programs
  • Carriage Standard magnetic brake C4 / One-motor pre-stretch C6 & C7

  • Pre-stretch Standard up to 100 % / Sleigh C6 150/200/250% / Sleigh C7 up to 350%
  • Film thickness C4: up to 100 % / C6: 150, 200 or 250% / C7: up to 350%
  • Options Cutting device / String formation / Top press / Additional roll holder / Remote control

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