The Quantum XTW
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The Quantum™XTW

FROMM is a distributor of the new Quantum XTW, which fills the void for a user-friendly paper system with unmatched reliability and enhanced ergonomic features. Perfect for packing sharp objects, loose or unboxed items and filling small voids to reduce dimensional weight.

The Quantum XTW is versatile and highly efficient, allowing users to pack more goods at higher speeds and in any location. The 100% recycled, recyclable, biodegradable paper allows users to pack directly into the box continuously for faster output.

star-icon.gif Features
  • High speed continuous paper output
  • Patented bladeless tear-assist for enhanced safety 
  • Patented and adjustable head for any operation 
  • Quick & easy loading system 
  • Simple control panel 
  • Multiple paper length settings 
  • Semi-automatic or footswitch operation 
  • Adjustable height settings - enhanced ergonomics 
  • Strong, durable construction
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable paper 
  • Fast, convenient on-demand packaging 
  • Simple and comfortable to use 
  • Small footprint: floor, workstation or custom mount 
  • Long roll length minimises replenishing 
  • Controlled paper consumption improves efficiency 
  • Outstanding reliability

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