OMC-V Series
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OMC-V Series

With OMC-V series wrapping machines, the product is driven through vertically rotating rings. The products are wrapped spirally or with film bands. Also, bottom beams can be fixed with specific elastic bands. Machine size is defined according to maximum load's cross diagonal measurement. We are engineering and manufacturing the biggest vertical ring wrappers in the world.


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We are supplying our solutions to various segments. Main options to meet requirements in different segments are:

  • Integrated top sheet or product end closing equipment
  • Automatic roll changer 1+3 rolls
  • Power-Pre-Stretch carriage
  • Ring height adjustment kit for big load size compensation
  • Load support rollers on top/side
  • Wrapzone conveyors for various loads

In the case of very big items (like EPS blocks), we are able to provide innovative OMC-VO machines. Instead of a traditional ring, the rectangular-shaped track of the machine is made according to product dimensions.

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OMC-V2000TS Layout