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Compact Paper System - New

The Paperpad is a FROMM patented paper system especially designed to offer a compact and efficient cushioning paper material. It is very suitable for box size reduction initiatives.

The compacity of both the machine and the paper make the Paperpad very to integrate in packaging lines. The 100% recycled paper is easy to flatten for a superior unpacking experience.


star-icon.gif Features
  • Small footprint for both machine and paper
  • Very safe, no cutting device
  • Silent machine, usable close to operators
  • Adjustable paper compression for efficient and cost effective protection
  • 5 production modes: Automatic, Demand, Program, Silo and Scan.
  • Foot pedal can also be used.
  • Delivers the adequate quantity of paper per box when associated with a Smartfill scanner in option
  • Easy collection of comprehensive usage statistics thru an IIoT Gateway.

Technical Specifications

  • Machine dimensions (mm) 650x402x348
  • Machine weight 220V version 25kg, 110V version 32 KG
  • Speed 40 m/min, adjustable
  • Compression ratio 1.40 to 2.00
  • Paperpad machine 220V, item code: 16.4454, 110V, item code: 16.4455

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