FR2000 Series Stretch Wrapper
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FR2000 Series Stretch Wrapper

With the 2000 series, FROMM heralds a new era of its extensive range of wrapping solutions. The self-propelled FR2000 robot wrapping machines are clearly at the forefront of developments within this machine segment.

In addition to a robust design and many options, standard elements such as a new 7" Touch Screen control panel (OP) on the mast, the visual and audible signals while operational , the ergonomically designed handlebar and the robust bumper are the most distinctive and discernible elements.
Without deviating from the sustainable design, high quality and low maintenance requirements, for which FROMM machines are so well known.

The most notable new option is the patented and revolutionary ÆolusTM film attachment system by air. Bringing automation within reach, without significant investments.

Instantly saving time and labour costs.


star-icon.gif Main standard technical features
  • State of the Art 7” Touch Screen Operating Panel (OP). For easy and flexible programming and reading service information
  • Power supply: 2 AGM 12V 120Ah maintenance free traction batteries. Lithium batteries available as option
  • Integrated high freq. charger, 85 - 265V / 1Ph+N+PE / 50/60Hz. With LED-control and external Schuko plug
  • Wrapping capacity (lith. batt), depending on pallet sizes and no. of wraps: 200 - 300 pallets
  • Max. pallet heights, incl. pallets: 2.150 mm (std), 2.400, 2.700, 3.000 and 3.500 mm. (7ft—std, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1 and 11.5 ft)
  • Film carriages; CA2 mechanical brake (std),. Optional: CA4 magnetic brake, CA6 one-motor pre-stretch, with fixed gears & roller brake 200%, incl. gears for 150 and 250%, CA7 Power Pre-stretch 120 - 350% - Easily replaced retrospectively
  • Audio signal at start and stop of wrapping cycle and with machine status flashing light
  • Pallet height sensing photocell
  • Robust safety bumper feature for the highest possible safety working environment


plus-icon.gif Some of the most interesting Options
  • Film carriage add-ons:
    • Film widths 750, 1.000 mm. (29.5”, 39.4” )
    • Double coil dispenser
    • Coreless coils
    • Coil holder kit for Net-wrapping
    • Manual or automatic film roping
    • Film cutting at the end of the wrapping cycle
    • Automatic cutting film strips (3, 4 or 5 strips)
  • Remote control
  • Start - stop in 0-position
  • Low temp (-5oC) kit
  • Extra batteries , with extra external charger
  • Stretch film consumption measuring unit
  • Cycle counter
  • Choice of various guidance units and wheels for a variety of pallet loads

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FR2000 Series Stretch Wrapper