Airpad Smart Void Fill System
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SmartFill System: Automatic Void-Fill

Introducing the FROMM Airpad SmartFill Scanner & Shooter which automatically measures the remaining void in a carton and dispenses the right amount of cushions to precisely fill the box. It offers superior ergonomics and productivity with accessories that allow for quick integration and easy operation.

This is an innovative first step towards fully-automatic void-filling, saving large-scale users and users with centralized packing stations time and money. Revolutionise how your despatch warehouse operates.


star-icon.gif Features
  • Calculates the optimum number of air cushions for each box
  • Three operating modes, including manual with foot pedal or voice control
  • Large touch screen operating panel, wireless for easy integration
  • Semi-automatic with pre-defined lengths to choose from the touch panel
  • Automatic replenishment of cushions
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • Ergonomic benefits: dispenses pre-separated cushions at arm’s length of the operator
  • Can produce 60m of void fill per minute.
  • The scanner can scan up to 20 boxes per minute
  • Ensures the optimum amount of void fill protection

  • Scanner Weight 3.5 kg (without options)
  • Airpad Shooter Weight 25.5 kg (without options)
  • Scanner Speed Up to 20 boxes per minute
  • Airpad Shooter Speed 60m per minute

  • Power 240 volt