Protective Solutions
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Protective Solutions

FROMM offers a variety of solutions for your protective packaging needs. Browse our range of Airpad and Paper Systems for on-demand cushioning, void fill, block & brace and wrapping. Increase throughput with fewer breakages/returns, reduce packaging costs and pack sustainably.

Airpad Solutions

FROMM Airpad Systems cater for a variety of applications, for anyone from small eBay sellers to international distribution centres. Our machines produce air pillows of various widths and lengths, on-demand, using a range of films and paper to suit the application. Airpads consist of 99% air and 1% material, amounting to lighter packages, minimal waste, and huge savings over competitive systems.

Tabletop Packaging Machines

The AP100 and AP150 are often referred to as “tabletop packaging machines” because of their light weight & small surface area. They are ideal for users who are operating from a desk or have multiple packaging stations.

Paper Packaging Machines

FROMM is a distributor of the Packmate Pro & Quantum XTW, two of the most advanced paper packaging systems on the market. Due to their intelligent and compact designs, these machines fit easily into any existing packing operation, offering the very best in on-demand paper packaging technology. Our AP150 is also compatible with paper Airpads.

Film & Paper Consumables

Our protective films and paper are made from recycled materials. They’re 100% recyclable and, in some instances, reusable.