AP502 Industrial Protective Packaging Machine
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AP502 Industrial Protective Packaging Machine

The FROMM AP502 Airpad Machine is fully automated and computerised airpad. It can produce six different sizes of airpad pillows from the same roll of film.

These airpad pillows are used for void filling in boxes to protect goods and because they are produced in a sheet format, are capable of being wrapped around larger items for complete protection during transit.

These machines are also programmed to create 49 different variations of the 6 sizes of air pillows which will allow our customers the freedom to create a pillow specifically geared to the product that requires transit protection at a touch of a button.

star-icon.gif Features
  • Creates airpad pillows for protection and void fill
  • Biggest machine on the market
  • Multiple pillow programs
  • Mobile design
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • High production capacity
  • Adjustable pad sizes
  • Can feed to hopper system for airpad storage
  • Anti static film also available

AP502 Protective Packaging Machine

Technical Specifications

Machine Specifications

  • Weight 228KG
  • Height 2450mm
  • Width 767mm
  • Power Supply 240V single phase
  • Length of the mounted machine 1600mm

Machine Options

  • Multiple film thicknesses Available (See Protective Packaging Film)
  • Anti Static Film Available (See Protective Packaging Film)
  • Mobile Bins Available
  • Standalone Hopper Systems Available
  • Factory Integrated Hoppers Available

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