Desktop Void Fill Machine
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Desktop Void Fill Machine

The FROMM AP150 Void Fill Machine is designed to inflate both void fill air pillows and bubble wrap. With speeds of up to 8m/min, the FROMM Void Fill Machine is designed for small business, packaging and shipping stores. It supports 800 packages each day and provides excellent protection. Designed to be quick and easy to use it will increase your packaging throughputs and reduce downtime.

The simple user interface on the machines enables trouble-free use.

Compact tabletop design is no bigger than a household microwave ideal, for warehouses where storage space is an issue.


star-icon.gif Features
  • Precise Sealing
  • One machine can create air cushions and bubble film
  • Inflates at a speed of 8m per minute
  • Available in five film widths
  • Patented technology. No air leakage, no sealing breakage with a defect rate of less than 0.06%
  • Maximises the amount of air per pillow/cushion allowing a more efficient use of the film
  • Uses ambient air pressure, reducing energy consumption and noise
plus-icon.gif Benefits
  • Rapid and flexible loading of different film widths without changing parts
  • Easy to use machines, no need for staff training
  • Dynamic Sealing Technology, eliminates film failure with an air leak zone that ensures high compression strength
  • Small and narrow machinery suitable for small and restricted packaging areas
  • Two Year FROMM Warranty