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Octomeca Systems

  • OMC-H Series

    Most robust construction in the market. Made for industrial use (-up to 150pph).

    The OMC-H series 'rotation arm machine' wraps various loads (with or without pallet) horizontally.

  • OMC-V Series

    With OMC-V series wrapping machines, the product is driven through vertically rotating rings. The products are wrapped spirally or with film bands.

  • OMC-R Series

    OMC-R reel wrapping machines can wrap various reels of paper, steel, aluminum, or composite. The machine can be equipped with a rotary arm for axial wrapping or with a linearly moving head for radial wrapping.

  • OMC-CW Series

    OMC-CW (Curtain Wall) machines can be used if the products are rectangular and need weather-proof protection, with a high marketing outlook. The final package is formed by placing the top sheet between two side film layers. The side films are stretched with tension rollers and at the end of the process...