Standard & Custom Integrations
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Standard & Custom Integrations

  • Overhead Hopper Systems

    Simplify your packing process with an Overhead Hopper System (manual or electric) - compatible with an AP100 Airpad Machine. Offering superior ergonomics and productivity, this accessory allows for quick integration and easy operation. It’s an ideal choice for busy warehouses: the integrated overhead hopper...

  • Compact Mobile Bins

    Simplify your packing process with a Compact Mobile Bin, available with an AP100 or AP150. A simple and compact solution for decentralized/remote packing stations, users benefit from easy installation, reliable operation and automatic replenishment of the bin. With an easily adjustable pad holder...

  • Compact Stands

    Simplify your packing process with a Compact Stand for your AP100 / AP150. Perfect for filling compact bins, for the easy production of Airpad rolls (with optional electrical winder), and for serving multiple packing stations. Compact stands for the AP150 Pro include support for an air-pump and extension tubes for winder.

  • Top Bins

    Do you run a busy dispatch warehouse? Are you looking for a cost-effective solution that is environmentally sustainable? Look no further, our Top Bins can supply multiple packing stations with reliable Airpads. On top of great versatility, our Top Bins offer excellent ergonomic working conditions for operators, automatic replenishment of...

  • SmartFill Systems

    Introducing the FROMM Airpad SmartFill Scanner & Shooter which automatically measures the remaining void in a carton and dispenses the right amount of cushions to precisely fill the box.